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Visit our list of Hospitals in Northeastern Vermont (link) and follow the links to job listings at each hospital.

Vermont Primary Care Workforce Snapshot
The Vermont AHEC Network conducts an annual survey of all primary care practices in the state to get a snapshot of the supply and distribution of primary care practitioners (PCPs). This inventory guides AHEC’s program development to address needs of the current workforce, as well as identifying emerging workforce shortages. This Vermont Primary Care Workforce Snapshot report is a compilation of the three regional surveys.

Averaging all practitioners across the state, the overall supply of PCPs is under adequate levels, using benchmarks established by the Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee Report (GMENAC). A more refined examination of the workforce in each primary care specialty, as well as within regions of the state, shows areas of both adequacy and shortage. There is a statewide shortage of internal medicine physicians. Overall, the most significant shortage is for primary care practitioners who care for adults. 

Vermont Primary Care Workforce 2012 Snapshot (PDF)

Looking for Openings in Vermont?
Freeman Medical Scholars can learn about current Practice Openings in Vermont by contacting Melissa Liebig at 800-442-3531.

For more information, visit the Vermont Recruitment Center hosted by Bi-State Primary Care Association.
Or visit the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems website VTHealthJobs.com.
Welcome to The Northeastern Vermont

Area Health Education Center

The Northeastern Vermont Area Health Education Center improves access to quality health care by working with community and academic partners to support health care workforce development
through recruitment, retention and continuing education of health care professionals.

Northeastern Vermont AHEC
347 Emerson Falls Road, Suite 3
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: 802-748-2506
Fax: 802-748-2910
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